Please note that most of this material is copyrighted by someone else. This file is intended for MY PERSONAL USE ONLY. If you want a comprehensive HTML resource, go to The Tucows HTML accessories page.

Comment. Terminate with -->
Server side include. File must be .SHTML for server to recognize.
<!DOCTYPE ...>
Defines the data type of the file contents.
<A ...></A>
Inserts a clickable anchor.
<ADDRESS>your name here<br></ADDRESS> Italicizes and indents.
<APPLET ...>
Beyond the scope of this file.
Text between codes is in bold.
<BGSOUND SRC="junk.wav"> uses junk.wav as the background audio.
LOOP=-1 Specifies the number of times the sound is to be played, -1 = Infinite.
.WAV and .AU files played in Netscape, Mosaic and IExplore, only IExplore will play .MID
Enclosed text is bigger.
Enclosed text blinks in NetScrape
Indents the paragraph.
Contains the body of the HTML document
Forces a carriage return.
Centers enclosed text
Enclosed text is in citation format. Usually italics.
Selects a rendered, monospaced font.
Enclosed text is a comment in Mosaic and IExplore.
Enclosed text is a term being defined. Usually italics.
Begins a list of elements up to 20 caracters each. Usually bulleted. Elements require <LI>
<DIV ALIGN="left"> aligns text to the left. (right, center)
<DL> <DD> <DT>
Definition list
Enclosed text is emphasized.
<EMBED ...>
Embed an OLE object, or a plug-in.
<FONT ...> <BASEFONT ...>
Defines the font. BaseFont defines the font to use unless otherwise specified.
Contains elemnts of a form.
<H1></H1> (1 through 6)
Enclosed text is a header, sizes from 1 to 6.
Encloses the document header.
Inserts a horizontal line.
Enclosed text is rendered by an HTTP client
Enclosed text is in italics
<IMG ...>
Inserts an In-Line image
Enclosed text is printed as text to be typed. Usually rendered as monospaced.
Identifies start of a list item element. Must reside within a list. VALUE defines the number value of the list element, for <OL> only.
Usually used to contain source code sample listing. Fixed-width font.
IExplore specific scrolling text
Compacted unordered list.
Rendering will not add carriage returns or line feeds to enclosed text.
A frames capable browser ignores everything enclosed.
Inserts special OLE objects and controls. Beyond the scope of this file.
Ordered list. Adds numbers to the <LI>.
Enclosed text is a paragraph. *Use align=center instead of <CENTER></CENTER>*
Nothing following this tag will be rendered. Do not use </PLAINTEXT>.
Enclosed text is rendered as pre-formatted. Some tags can be used within, but sparingly.
Sequence of literal characters. Typically monospaced.
<SCRIPT ...>
Contains the script for VBasic or JAVA. Beyond the scope of this file.
Same as <BIG> but small.
<SOUND ...>
Mosaic specific version of <BGSOUND> Mosaic now supports <BGSOUND> so stick to that one.
<STRIKE></STRIKE> or <S></S>
Enclosed text is struck-out. <S> is the standard, but NetScape only supports <STRIKE>.
Enclosed text is emphasized. Usually bold.
<SUB></SUB> and <SUP></SUP>
Subscript and Superscript.
<TABLE ...></TABLE ...>
Formats data as a table.
Enclosed text is rendered in teletype font. (Fixed width)
Enclosed text is underlined.
Unordered list. Elements usually bulleted.
Variable name. Usually italics.
Word break. Suggests where to insert <BR> when rendering <NOBR> text.
Renders preformatted text. Fixed-width to 80 characters per line.


In HTML, colours can be represented in 2 ways. One is in a 6-digit hexadecimal number, where the first two digits indicate the amount of red, the second two green, and the last two blue. Syntax is color="#000000" (white).

Mnemonic constant names can also be used, identifying 16 pre-defined colours. Black, olive, teal, red, blue, maroon, navy, gray, lime, fuschia, white, green, purple, silver, yellow and aqua.

The following tables shows samples of the predefined colours, but since only IExplore supports colours in tables, you can only see them there.

Samples of colour constants